The Sidetrade Data Lake
The Most Unique AI + Collaborative Intelligence for Order-to-Cash
Transform the CFO into the
Chief Futurist Officer
The journey from tactical to strategic Order-to-Cash starts with optimizing data, technology and operations. Turn O2C into a data-driven strategic advantage to create a forward-looking approach to payments, best-collection action, dispute and risk strategy. Introducing the Sidetrade Data Lake. See how your industry and region are trending against average DSO, payment terms and delay to pay. Benchmark Now.
A First Look at the Sidetrade Data Lake
Predictive Payment and Collaborative Intelligence
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The Power of the Sidetrade Data Lake

This is not your average payment network. The Sidetrade Data Lake harnesses the power of Aimie – Sidetrade’s true AI Order-to-Cash virtual assistant – and fuels the end-to-end Augmented Cash platform to empower teams and transform the customer experience via:

  • Predictive benchmarking to stay one step ahead of payment trends
  • Collaborative intelligence from industry peers and competitors
  • Data enrichment to give you a complete view into buyer behavior

The Sidetrade Data Lake is an innovator in predictive payment intelligence – aggregating all accounts receivable transactions from sellers and their buyers and augmenting it with a unique set of proprietary data to calculate and benchmark what your customers are going to do next.

See how you compare to industry peers

Know Your Customer

Arm Finance, Sales & Client teams with a 360-degree view of predictive payment intelligence to benchmark buyer behavior across competitors, sectors and geographies:

  • When do your competitors get paid?
  • Who is most likely to pay you late?
  • Will a customer dispute and the average resolution time?
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